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Hering Berlin

Hering Berlin since 1992 stands out for its high-quality handcrafted porcelain with a clear design language and innovative decorations that reveal the essence of this material. The collections of the Berlin house are conceived for catering, for luxury hotels and for the table of design experts. From the delicate art and the fine lines of Pulse and Cielo porcelain plates to the new Silent Brass collection, innovative and elaborate thanks to the applications of enamels and decorations.

Hering Berlin

Hering Berlin produces traditionally handcrafted, elegant and contemporary tableware for everyday use.

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The excellent forms of Hering Berlin derive from the unconditional knowledge of porcelain as a material.
Apparently simple Hering Berlin products require complex manufacturing techniques. The founder and designer Stefanie Hering, an expert ceramist, constantly explores the limits of the feasible in her projects. From the initial design stages to the finishing details, each object with the Hering Berlin brand is the result of elaborate high-quality processes, attention to detail and a pure artisan manufacturing process.