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Riva 1920

Riva 1920 is an Italian firm that keeps and transmits antique artisanal tradition. The firm selects just the most precious woods and materials to create high-quality design furniture able to challenge time while respecting nature. All the collection of tables, coffee tables, bookshelves, stools, chairs and other pieces of furniture are realized in wood from reforestation areas using essences like maple, cherry, oak and walnut. Among the most prestigious ones, Riva 1920 uses millennial Kauri from New Zeland, Venezia Briccole and the aromatic cedar from Libano. Today the firm collaborates with more than 100 designers that give shape to a splendid material, keeping constant the goal to carry on a productive reality made of tradition, culture, creativity, and innovation. Mohd is Riva 1920's official partner.

Riva 1920
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  1. Anthracite
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  3. Black
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  5. Dove-grey
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  7. Multicolor
  8. Natural
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  1. Adriana Buganza
  2. Alberto Ghirardello & Irene Sortor
  3. Aldo Spinelli
  4. Baldessari e Baldessari
  5. Bartoli Design
  6. Brodie Neil
  7. Carlo Colombo
  8. Claudio Bellini
  9. CR&S Riva 1920
  10. David Knott
  11. Davide e Maurizio Riva
  12. Diébédo Francis Kéré
  13. Elena Soloni, Omri Revesz, Alessandro Grande
  14. Gabriele Cappelletti
  15. Giovanna Azzarello
  16. Giulia Pulimeno
  17. Giuliano Cappelletti
  18. Giulio Cappellini
  19. Giuseppe Burgio
  20. Hikaru Mori
  21. Jamie Durie
  22. Karim Rashid
  23. Luca Casini
  24. Luca Scacchetti
  25. M.&D. Riva
  26. Marc Sadler
  27. Marco Baxadonne
  28. Marco Zanuso Jr.
  29. Mario Bellini
  30. Mario Botta
  31. Matteo Thun
  32. Michela & Paolo Baldessarri
  33. Michele De Lucchi
  34. Paola Navone
  35. Paolo Salvadè
  36. Passon e Savorgnani
  37. Patricia Urquiola
  38. Patrizia Bozuffi
  39. Philippe Starck
  40. Pininfarina
  41. Reinaldo Español Sánchez
  42. Renzo Piano
  43. Riccardo Arbizzoni
  44. Setsu & Shinobu Ito
  45. Stefano Boeri
  46. Studio Veneziano + Team
  47. Terry Dwan
  48. Thomas Herzog
  49. Victoria Azadinho Bocconi
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