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VG, name that stands for VGnewtrend, brings luxury, elegance and uniqueness to every room with its top-quality objects and accessories. Founded in Venice, the cradle of Italian beauty and culture, VG is the expression of a sophisticated, decorative design that pursues investigation. VG’s catalogue includes vases, statues, home decor, table decor, but also lighting and furniture pieces, in an alternation of new entries and best-selling products.


VG designs unique, authentic objects, perfect to decorate the most sophisticated homes and to complete the most exclusive projects.

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"Furniture becomes an expression of the soul that transforms space into a true multisensory experience."
Founded in 1991 in Treviso, 20 km from Venezia, VG has always been producing its products exclusively in Italy. The purpose of the company is to carry on the traditions, an expertise handed down from generations to create the most original shapes and features. Very detail-oriented, VG provides every ambience with an authentic character, a modern and glamorous flair that suits both residential and public contexts, hotels, resorts, bars and restaurants all over the world.