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Wendelbo is a Danish company specialized in the production of Nordic furniture and complements with a powerful identity. From the gentle, delicate silhouette of the Edge V1 and V2 sofas to the impactful linearity of the Blade sofa, the catalogue is full of new armchairs, chairs, benches perfect for both home and public settings. Wendelbo crafts comfortable, functional products marked by a long-lasting aesthetic committed to sustainability.

Each Wendelbo piece of furniture reflects an artisanal elegance handed down through generations.

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"We never compromise on quality and set high standards for our factory."
The company was founded in 1955 in Aarhus, Denmark, and it was at first a very small family-run furniture lab. Today, Wendelbo is a big modern reality, and while passing down its story through generations it collaborates with several international designers. To design its acclaimed lines, the brand is directly inspired by nature, creating some impressive contrasts with industrial elements, real peculiarity of the Wendelbo style.