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Christian Benini

Christian Benini is the artistic, brilliant mind behind the creation of Wall&decò, renowned italian brand that imagines new, spectacular wall decor and covering systems. Before the official entering of the artist in the design world as creative director in 2005, he was a portrait and advertising photographer, he got his artistic sparkle after perceiving the dramatic value of a picture applied to furniture.

Christian Benini’s artistic flair is imaginative, dynamic and up-to-date.

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"The genesis of surfaces just waiting to be explored by hand and not just with the eyes."
Since the creation of Wall&decò, Benini has been experimenting with shapes and textures, to provide every time an avant-garde wall decor experience. The shift from photography to interior decor happened with an epiphany: while recreating some gigantic leaves on a wall for his sets, he ultimately got the decorative potential of images and their suggestive value.
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