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Giancarlo Mattioli

Giancarlo Mattioli has been an italian architect and designer. Since high school, he had been cultivating his passion towards art and culture. Among his masterpieces, his creative genius brought to life the Nesso table lamp for Artemide, exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Iconic collections marked by an everlasting charm embrace the authenticity of his most renowned products, turning Giancarlo Mattioli into one of the greatest artists of his generation.

Brilliant artist and intellectual, Mattioli explored new ways to conceive lighting.

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The lighting creations by Giancarlo Mattioli are pure works of art, bright lamps in both their functionality and linear aesthetic.
In 1960 Mattioli founded the Gruppo Architetti Urbanisti "Città Nuova" with Pierluigi Cervellati, Umberto Maccaferri, Franco Morelli, Gianpaolo Mazzucato and Mario Zaffagnini. The purpose of said union was to establish a new prototype for the figure of the architect, engaged into the well-being of the community. Mattioli also won the first prize of the Concours Studio Artemide /Domus in Milan, in 1967 with his Nesso lamp.
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