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The creative team of design experts put together by the renowned brand Seletti, Vittorio Boni and the Badini CreaTeam studio, goes by the name of Selab. After its establishment in 1988, the team currently boasts sapient architects, graphic and furniture designers and project managers that have been able to enhance each other’s passions and artistic value, representing the life sparkle of the brand Seletti.

Selab is a juxtaposition of vibrant vital force and deep curiosity, concretized in the mind of skilled design experts.

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Through the playful, creative vision of Selab, Seletti shapes and conducts multiple artistic flows.
The outcome of this sapient combination of artists is an explosion of ideas, and the constant need for shaping and building new trends. A colorful playfulness reinterprets the fundamental features of furniture and lighting design, adding just a hint of sophisticated, but unconventional fun to daily functionality. Selab broadens its creative horizons, bearing in mind the main values of high-quality materials and meticulous, original crafting.
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