B&B Italia  marks the 2020 of design with three important and significant collections designed by Antonio Citterio, Naoto Fukasawa and Philippe Starck, three masters of contemporary design who have the ability to intercept the spirit of this time and dictate the trends for the years to come. The three collections are three worlds defined by the company "complementary and different" precisely because they tell, each with its own style, three families of needs that we feel right now. Citterio signs a modular collection to meet the need for flexibility of the furnishings, Fukasawa merges Japanese aesthetics and Scandinavian-inspired materials in line with a growing search for neo-minimalism, finally Starck, at the first collaboration with the company, brings technological innovation with an unprecedented system that we will see in detail. All the images are by Tommaso Sartori.

Hybrid  by Antonio Citterio  (on the cover)

Hybrid by B&B Italia

Bringing indoor to outdoor is a dynamic that Antonio Citterio has successfully created, thanks to this collection, Hybrid, which has two unique characteristics. The first is the very careful choice of fabrics, with a classic taste, whose colors and decorative motifs in bands or solid color with contrasting edging, recall the fabrics for the interior but are perfect for the exterior. The second is the almost infinite modularity of the elements, supported by the wide assortment of modules: the platform is available in eight sizes and two depths, while the armrest and backrest have two heights. The supporting structure is discreet until it almost disappears, visually the large and comfortable cushions prevail, designed as an ideal element of continuity between the living room and the outdoor space, both from an aesthetic and functional point of view.

Ayana  by  Naoto Fukasawa

Ayana by B&B Italia

The trend interpreted by Naoto Fukasawa in this collection is that of neo-minimalism: a return to the essence of things, but with a new aesthetic, more gentle and graceful and less brutal than the minimalism we are used to. In particular, for Ayana, this translates into an ideal fusion between Japan and Scandinavia and therefore "if the depths and heights are a clear reference to the tradition of Southeast Asia, the backrest recalls a Swedish back" the company emphasizes. Another interesting choice is that of the round section of the structural elements, all in teak: a new choice for the outdoor where we are used to finding furnishings with square section load-bearing elements. These curves help to make the collection's minimalist style familiar and welcoming. In addition to the sofa and armchairs, the collection also includes a table and a small table, both with oval serpentine top, stone originally from the Alps, and the chair.

Oh, it rains!  by  Philippe Starck

Oh, it rains! by B&B Italia

In his first collaboration with B&B Italia, Philippe Starck burst in introducing a new sofa model, innovative not only in style but also - and above all - in technology. The title is already a narrative clue that recalls the crucial situation in which outdoor furniture is located: rain. And here is a mechanism developed by Starck, with the support of the Research and Development Center of B&B Italia, which allows the backrest to overturn to protect the sofa itself (or the armchair) from the weather. The backrest is therefore a fundamental part of technology but it also determines the design of the sofa, completely new and captivating, with a strong sense of innovation of taste.

Tramae  by unPizzo

Tramae by B&B Italia

Not just an archistar: the Tramae ottoman collection, in three sizes, is signed by unPizzo, a textile design and craftsmanship studio specialized in weaving for furnishings. And the textile weave with the geometries and chromatic dynamics that result makes the collection elegant and captivating, the perfect complement for the outdoors.

Hospes by B&B Italia

Hospes by B&B Italia

Research and Development Center Finally, the Hospes pouf is all designed in the company, made in two sizes and three beautiful colors: ultramarine blue, stone and anthracite. The waterproof ropes are woven on the aluminum frame, creating two very interesting shapes.

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