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Opinion Ciatti

Opinion Ciatti is a Made in Italy brand who knows how to establish itself with products able to surprise and charm. Through its furniture, lamps and accessories collections it expresses "a personal opinion on the design world" that results in an ironic, funny and refined style. An opinion that transforms into a vision connecting the 2000s' modern design to the Ciatti family's tradition that goes back to '50s. Ptolomeo bookcase, ILtavolo and Mammamia chair in its multiple versions are some of the best works. Beautiful, elegant and with strong character, all the projects are "made to measure": expression of a design that loves to experiment and touch the audience telling unique stories lived in Florence. Opinion Ciatti is a young reality with years of experience. Mohd is Opinion Ciatti's official partner.

Opinion Ciatti
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  2. An Uncommon Chair
  3. Back to work
  4. Best Of Mohd
  5. Black&White Mood
  6. Christmas Collection
  7. Design Superstar 2016
  8. Design Superstar 2018
  9. Floor Art
  10. Kids Room
  11. Leather Lovers
  12. Little Things
  13. Loving Living
  14. Marble Effect
  15. Metal Effect
  16. Mirror Art
  17. Perfect Suspension
  18. Precious By Mohd
  19. Small Light Big Effect
  20. St. Valentine Collection
  21. The Design Boutique
  22. The Extra Chair
  23. The Golden Light
  24. The Perfect Chair
  25. They are famous
  26. Will Be Famous
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  1. Bruno Rainaldi
  2. Claudio Bitetti
  3. Koichi Futatsumata
  4. Lapo Ciatti
  5. Marcantonio
  6. Marcello Ziliani
  7. Marco Duina & Bruno Pozzi
  8. Marta Giardini
  9. Maurizio Galante
  10. Maurizio Galante + Tal Lancman
  11. Paola Navone
  12. Roberta Colombo
  13. Sara Bernardi
  14. Sebastiano Tosi & Lapo Ciatti
  15. Skrivo Design
  16. Vera&Kyte
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