The ancient roots of the manufacture, so varied in the different territories of the country, the culture of beauty that has its roots in a globally recognized artistic primacy, the industry made with heart and brain, creativity that feeds on passion. These are the elements that distinguish the Italian way of doing industry, a design culture that has no equal in the world and that knows how to keep creativity and concreteness in balance, and since it has always been a good taste school. To tell this record, we have chosen 10 projects by as many designers, particularly representative of the made in Italy: 10 eternal icons to focus on.

Atollo  by Vico Magistretti  for  OLuce

In the year in which the centenary of the birth of Vico Magistretti is celebrated, we could not fail to open this review with one of its maximum icons: the Atollo lamp, designed in 1977, articulated through the shapes of the three solid cylinders, cones and spheres, has become the archetype of the table lamp. Image on the cover.

Radiofonografo  by Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni for  Brionvega

Radiofonografo by Brionvega

Technology and familiarity: the Radiophonografo explains perfectly what Achille Castiglioni meant when he said that "Objects must keep company". Hence the anthropomorphic figure of this stereo, whose manufacture and functionality is also appreciated: assembled by hand, with speakers that can be positioned differently according to requirements.

Bocca  by Studio 65  for  Gufram

Bocca by Gufram

Studio 65 (founded in Turin in 1965 by Franco Audrito, Roberta Garosci, Enzo Bertone, Paolo Morello, and Paolo Rondelli), represents the vanguard of radical design of which the Bocca sofa, in particular, has become an undisputed icon. A tribute to a painting by Salvador Dalì, the sofa is made of polyurethane foam, covered in stretch fabric.

Falkland  by Bruno Munari  for  Artemide

Falkland by Artemide

In 1964 Bruno Munari overturns the idea of a lamp with a project that brings innovation in materials and shapes. Falkland consists of a filanca tubular held together by metal rings of different diameters, hence the particular shape. Despite being very particular, Falkland is an extremely versatile lamp that can be easily integrated into any context.

Vanity Fair  by Renzo Frau for  Poltrona Frau

Vanity Fair by Poltrona Frau

In 1984, with the Vanity Fair armchair, Frau codified the historic 904 model, in the catalog since 1930, when it entered production starting from the drawings left by Renzo Frau - founder of the company in 1912 - to his wife Savina Pisati. The armchair is essential, elegant and comfortable, a model for everything that was created afterwards.

Sciangai  by De Pas, D'Urbino, Lomazzi for  Zanotta

Sciangai by Zanotta

Simplicity and beauty are the characteristics of this contemporary and functional but also sculptural and material hanger. Designed in 1973, inspired by the Chinese board gam, it is made of natural oak, painted gray, white, black or burgundy.

Superleggera  by Giò Ponti  for  Cassina

Superleggera by Cassina

Designed in 1955 and entered production for Cassina since 1957, the Superleggera continues to be the chair par excellence, thanks to its simple, contemporary and elegant lines. A style icon, born from Ponti's brilliant intuition to reinterpret the classic Chiavari chair. A craft classic thus becomes an industry classic.

Ultrafragola  by Ettore Sottsass for  Poltronova

Ultrafragola by Poltronova

Ultrafragola embodies the characteristics of mirror, lamp, artistic installation, that's why since its debut in 1970 it has entered the most glamorous houses in the world, with irony and style. Characterized by a frame reminiscent of a sinuous crown and the pink light it emits, it tells the creative ferment of its time.

Dator 60  by Gino Valli for  Solari Lineadesign

Dator 60 by Solari Lineadesign

Solari Lineadesign watches are the story of the technological research underlying the production of Made in Italy design. It was Remigio Solari, in fact, who patented the vane roller system between 1955 and 1957, and this technology, which will spread all over the world, is the basis of the Dator 60, perpetual wall clock and calendar.

Infinito  by  Franco Albini

Infinito by Franco Albini

In 1956 Franco Albini designed the Infinito modular system, initially for the Poggi company and later for Cassina. Characterized by floor and ceiling uprights, it does not require anchoring and can potentially be composed indefinitely. Of eternal charm, it is ideal for both domestic and professional contexts.

Tour  by Gae Aulenti  for  FontanaArte

Tour by Fontana Arte

We conclude our review with a flash of female creativity. The Tour table instead of the classic legs has four large bicycle wheels, complete with chromed forks and rubber tires.

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