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The italian brand Lapalma is faithful to a ten year-long collaboration between renowned international designers. Their modern and colorful chairs, stools, desks and furnishings enrich with poise and elegance both home office and contract environments. The collections by Lapalma are constantly updated and filled with new entries, whose geometric and moulded lines represent the result of meticulous research and experimentation. A perfect combination of passion and expertise that grants functional and refined outcomes.


Functionality, elegance, resistance and durability enhance and portrait the concept of the company.

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"Seriality and uniqueness are both defining characteristics of a strong company identity."
An observant care for the environment is one of Lapalma’s core values. Heading towards an almost plastic-free approach, the company carefully selects 100% recyclable materials such as wood, steel, fabric and FSC certified essences. From the Miunn sled chair to the Seltz Big reclining table and the iconic Lem, Lapalma offers original solutions, functionally responding with taste to every need for customization and versatility.