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Muuto: sustainable pieces of furniture, lighting and objects

Muuto is a Scandinavian company founded in 2008, capable to combine a solid attachment to tradition with a modern and dynamic soul. It produces furniture, lighting products and accessories, innovative from a practical and esthetic point of view, but above all eco-sustainable. The great success of the brand is due to the ability of developing the typical Scandinavian taste, letting its essence expand in a new and modern context. Not just through the experimentation of innovative materials, but also in the openness to contemporary, cultural and esthetic tendencies. For Muuto, design comes from people, thus it selects the best talents and gives them the possibility to express freely their ideas and suggestions. Muuto relies on the new names of Scandinavian design – like Anderssen & Voll, Cecilie Manz and Mika Tolvanen – giving them the assignment of creating new and clever interpretations of daily objects. Muuto is Mohd's partner.