Trends is slippery terrain. Who decides them: companies, people? Are we consumers to establish them or are we simply influenced by them? The answer lies in the middle, because in reality the trend, in any field, is the result of at least two elements. On the one hand there are the needs of consumers, fueled by the needs and feelings they have in a given period, and on the other hand there are the responses of companies to these needs. A very simple but clarifying example is this year's trend of houseplants, the result of the newfound pleasure, of people, of feeling close to the plant world and of taking care of them and the readiness of companies to create accessories that can give a contemporary twist to this desire. After all, the trend is a two-way dialogue: producer and consumer. And yes, often these are courses and historical recurrences, habits and tastes that come back from the past, updated according to contemporary aesthetic standards. So let's see some trends that we will observe in 2020 in terms of furnishings and accessories, which perhaps also tell us something about us.

1. Natural wood

Move by Giorgetti

In recent years we have witnessed the rise of Scandinavian design that has made us discover a lifestyle and furniture devoted to informal minimalism and natural materials. Today that minimalism seems to have been overcome by a rediscovered pleasure of decorating and enriching one's home with details but one element has remained: the taste of natural wood, in all its beauty and tactility. An excellent example of this is the rocking seat  Move by Rossella Pugliatti for  Giorgetti whose interwoven design enhances the wood to the maximum.

2. Indoor garden

The environment is at the center of the international debate but also the engine of a rediscovery of harmony between humans and nature, readily interpreted by the "jungalow" style or a newfound taste for indoor plants, provided that they are many and luxuriant, exotic enough. But the classic terracotta pots are not enough to create the right styling:  Ferm Living 's  Tuck (on the cover) is the perfect cache pot to give our jungle corner something extra, thanks to its sculptural and highly decorative presence.

3. Sustainable furniture

Componibili Bio by Kartell

And in terms of the environment, we cannot fail to mention the trend towards sustainability. Which translates not only into the choice of quality furnishings, which can potentially accompany us throughout our lives, but also into the experimentation by companies of innovative and, in fact, sustainable materials. Like bioplastic, a natural material used by  Kartell to create the sustainable version of the iconic  Componibili Bio designed in 1967 by  Anna Castelli Ferrieri .

4. Seventies

Maralunga by Cassina

It is no coincidence that Kartell chose precisely that type of furniture to re-edit it and deliver it to the future: it was a must in the 70s that are in trend today. The 70s style, which in turn is inspired by art deco lines, is manifested, in particular, in some aspects: wide and soft lines, bold colors, just to name a couple. In the image, the  Maralunga sofa, designed in 1973 by Vico Magistretti for  Cassina , in the color of the year according to Pantone, the classic blue. And right in 2020, we will celebrate 100 years since the birth of the designer.

5. Wireless

Flute by Davide Groppi

We conclude with a trend that can really tell us something about our future: wireless, rechargeable lamps. This is the most recent evolution in the lighting sector, which will allow us to make it more dynamic than ever, and to change the position of the light points according to the desires and needs of the moment. An example? The  Flute table lamp by  Davide Groppi : almost invisible, with transparent stem. Designed for catering, it also works in a domestic context, giving magic wherever it is placed.

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