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Kristalia is a melody with an inexplicable rhythm revealing itself through the creation of versatile, contemporary and innovative objects. Founded in 1994 by a group of young jazz lovers and rooted in the north-eastern area of Italy, the company gives a voice to the excellences of district and discovers new fields for design. In few years, Kristalia furniture become popular worldwide, especially the extendible tables. Exploration of new languages, imaginative capacity and search for what is essential are the key elements to convey the real value of its products like in the Elephant Chair and in the Boiacca Table . Nowadays, Kristalia appears like an artisanal enterprise, expressing a made in Italy design open to change, also in the contract sector. For all these reasons, famous international designers and young talents are interested in Kristalia. Among its prestigious collaborations, we remember: Blue Zones, Luca Nichetto e Christophe Pillet. Kristalia is Mohd’s partner.