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Pallucco is a historic brand in the world of design specialized in the production of decorative lamps. Pallucco has always experimented with new solutions by researching particular shapes and objects with strong aesthetic contents between art, architecture and design. Among the company's icons, the Fortuny lamp is still considered a contemporary and timeless piece, and the Gilda lamp, which is suspended on an adjustable tripod, is inspired by the tools of professional photographers.


Pallucco production is a fusion of contemporary, historical and timeless objects.

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Pallucco has his roots in a prestigious past that is projected into the future.
Pallucco lamps are a set of materials that generate tactile, visual and luminous emotions. A careful, cultured and unconventional approach, which has allowed the company to establish itself on the international scene since its foundation. Modern lines and trendy finishes, an iconic and evocative design that adds a touch of originality to any space.