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Interior Design Service

We've been taking care of home decor for a long time now.

We have over 50 years of history in the interior design and a strong know-how in the design project.

For us the quality of things is the ability they have to create emotions and make the spaces beautiful with simplicity and style.

Style has no rules. Break the mold and think freely, you will discover how with good taste you can do everything, even putting together different things.

This is our idea, put together experience and design, combine quality and beauty, knowledge and project.

If you are looking for something more, and you have in mind an extraordinary achievement, if you think the project even before the products and need help, we have a dedicated team working on this.

Whatever your project, big or small, we can help you. Our knowledge of the design and of the brand, combined with the ability to put them together, put us in a position of absolute importance and make MOHD the ideal partner for who have to do the house.

Thanks to our knowledge we can help you in your furniture project, whatever it is, Home, Office, Contract. We have the expertise, tools and organization to make extraordinary results.

If the space you dream is something more and the details are important to you, our design service can help you!

Contact our Design Team and tell us about your idea and your needs, we'll help you to realize it with style and simplicity to make a house a Beautiful Home. 


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