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The kitchen is the heart of the home and the family, where tastes, colors and flavors meet every day. Mohd kitchens are modern and functional: every accessory is meant to make your space matchless and reflect your style. Household kitchenware, utensils, plates, glasses, coffee makers, appliances, cookware, everything is more beautiful when efficiency joins Design and Beauty. Have breakfast with mugs designed by famed international designers and decorate your table with exclusive centerpieces.

Featured categories

Accessories and utensils


A place for good taste and conviviality, the kitchen becomes an exclusive setting with timeless charm. A rich and stylish selection of kitchen accessories including pots and pans, coffee pots, thermos flasks, jars and containers, household objects and utensils, along with a range of large and small kitchen appliances.

Art de la table


Art, graphic design and functionality blend in a refined and trendy mise en place, decorating the table with exceptional and mesmerising scenic effects. Plates, glasses, cutlery and much more: Art de la Table is a selection infused with art and history, with accessories and table decorations designed by the finest international brands.

Wine and cocktail accessories


Rediscover the pleasure of sipping your favourite cocktail and tasting the finest wines. Decanters, ice buckets, bottle openers, glasses and wine glasses, available in a wide range of colours, designed with different shapes and styles: discover on Mohd the entire collection of wine accessories by great international brands.



Design, innovation and creative freedom for an exclusive selection of modular kitchens. Add your personal touch with unique, original and elegant designs. With a central or corner island, in wood or steel, with marble inlays or stone blocks: discover the modern modular kitchens by the greatest international designers.

Successful collections


Successful collections bring a unique and exclusive feel to the kitchen area and decorate the table with breathtaking designs. Mohd guides you in the discovery of the all-time favourite collections, including Goa by Cutipol, Cobra by Georg Jensen, Labirinto by Ginori and Beyond Basic by KnIndustrie.