It’s the heart of the house and protects our intimacy, the place where we start our days and leave them behind. Follow your instinct in planning your bedroom - it has to reflect your personality and make yourselves feel comfortable and totally at ease. We gathered a few ideas to inspire you. 


First of all, to create a perfect environment, analyze the room’s characteristics and consider the basic elements that will make it dreamy in waking hours as well as in sleep.

- The right colors

You will wake up to colors and they can help you relax, too. So carefully think about them, take your time and opt for pale, pastel tones that will aid sleep. Lilac is linked to spirituality and meditation, dove-grey will give your room a modern touch, especially if juxtaposed to furniture with black details; off-white will add brightness without feeling too harsh and the shades of blue combined with white will give you soothing feelings.

- Wall sockets

Consider the disposition of wall sockets in the room to organize the furniture and ensure that your layout works. Remember you will need two electric points on each side of the bed for bedside lamps. 



To choose and position the furniture, consider the size of the room and think about how you will use it: to relax and sleep or even to watch TV? If the space isn’t too big choose multifunctional furniture with built-in compartments while if you have enough room opt for a walk-in wardrobe. Include the following essential elements in your ideal layout:

- Bed and mattress

The bed is the king of this room, its trade-mark and focal point, the most important item in terms of both design and comfort. Choose the best size of bed for your room and put it on the centre of the longest wall, so to leave enough room for the bedside tables. Light frames and beds with storage are particularly suitable for small rooms. The mattress is an investment: you will use it every day and it will last you a decade. Look for a mattress that fits your body and use a mattress cover to protect it and add some further softness. If you buy your headboard separately, choose a thick and comfy one, so you can use it to rest your head when reading or enjoying a movie.

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- Mirror or dressing table

Every morning it’s in the bedroom that you get dressed and ready to face your day, so it just wouldn’t be complete without a mirror. Decide whether you want a full-length one or a dressing table and position it next to a window to take advantage of the natural daylight. It will also give the impression of a bigger room.

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- Wardrobe and drawers

If you don’t have enough room for a walk-in closet, choose the right size for your wardrobe, so the room won’t feel cluttered or even smaller.


They are an essential storage for your bedlight, mobile, alarm and books. If you and your partners have different tastes, they don’t need to match, choose different ones, just pay attention to the general style.  

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Accessories will enrich and personalize your space, making it even more welcoming and intimate. 

- Bedding

A well-dressed bed is a pleasure for sight and touch. There’s nothing better than a fresh pair of scented sheets to gently induce sleep. Choose high thread count ones, since they are softer, and opt for cotton or linen in summer and spring and flannel for winter, and combine it with goose-down covers and pillows. Put no restraint to your imagination and pair floral with stripes – just make sure that colors match.

- Lighting

Combine fixed and localized light sources to create the perfect atmosphere during daytime and nighttime. You can opt for a chandelier, ceiling lights or spotlights and pair them with the classic two bedlights or wall lamps, that will leave room on your nightstand. If your room is spacious enough, buy a dimmable lamp – it will provide good light for any moment of the day.

- Pillows and cushions

Your pillow should be neither too high nor too low and support your head so that your neck vertebrae will be level with the rest of your spine. Add cushions of different sizes to make your bed look like one in a welcoming hotel room. They will give character to your room and additional support when you’re reading or watching TV. Choose textures like fur and cashmere to add warmth in wintertime and patchwork if you’re looking for a simple solution to make the environment more colorful.

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