“The pleasure of banquets is not in the abundance of platters, and yes in the gathering of friends and conversation.” – Cicero

Enjoying food in the company of our family and friends is one of life’s pleasures and it is important to do it in a welcoming atmosphere that reflects our personality. Pieces of furniture have to match with your taste and the rest of the house and also be functional and comfortable. Depending on space availability, the dining area can be a whole room or a corner of the kitchen or living room; whatever your case, get inspired by our tips! 

THE BASICSTo create a fully comfortable and functional environment, consider some basic elements first.

1 ColorsIf you like classic style and want to give brightness to the room while enhancing the architectural elements, choose relaxing, dusty colors, such as pale light blue. If your style is rather modern, experiment with vivid colors, like pure red: use it to paint all the walls or one wall only, in contrast with white on the others.

2 StyleCreate a space that is coherent with the rest of the house and your personality, in which you can feel at ease.

You like minimal style? Choose a small amount of rational pieces with clean, sober and sharp lines.


If you are more into vintage, especially the 50s and 60s atmosphere, choose soft lines, rounded shapes, bright and eccentric colors like orange. Enrich the environment with a sideboard and colored accessories, such as a vase and a rug with a floral or geometric print.

If you prefer the luxe look, sophisticated and with a contemporary twist, opt for a neutral palette – the shades of pure white, cream and taupe – and choose precious and solid materials, such as marble.

Anteo Giorgetti

THE ORGANIZATIONCarefully plan the selection and arrangement of furniture. The two basic elements in this room are dining table and chairs – choose them considering the style and size of the room. Also try to make the most of natural light and add a source of light right above the table.

1 TableThe dining table is among the most versatile pieces of furniture: everyone gathers around it to eat meals with family and friends or to play cards, children use it to do homework or draw. If carefully chosen, it is capable of giving character and style to the entire room all by itself. 

Big Table Bonaldo

If you don't have much space, choose an extensible one. Remember: to be comfortable, the distance between diners must be at least 60cm. There’s an incredible range of choice when it comes to shapes - round, oval, rectangular, retractable – and materials, too. Wood makes the atmosphere warm and cozy, while crystal, metal and stone give an idea of modernity. 

Air Lago

2 ChairsFind a good compromise between design and comfort. Consider the distance between the seat height and the table surface, too. Modern chairs can be in plexiglass, have leather or fabric cover. If you like the minimal look, choose them in neutral colors.

Tobi-Ishi e Mini Papilio

Some chairs can harmoniously match with any style, thanks to their innate class.

Fitzgerald Poltrona Frau

If you like to impress your guests, choose the same style but different colors for your chairs.

DSW Vitra

THE FINISHING TOUCHCutlery, serveware, candles and candelabra. Pay attention to details, they will give character to the room and make it more welcoming. Choose them carefully.  


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