For kids, their bedroom is a true microcosm, a place where they sleep but also play – by themselves or with friends, do homework and daydream. That’s why the environment has to reflect their personality but also be functional and versatile enough to grow with them. If they’re old enough, get them involved in the design process, while if you’re planning out the nursery, think about how the room will work when toys are traded for sports equipment and baby clothes turn into adolescent wardrobes.


To organize your kids bedroom, be sure to think about practicality, safety and imagination. But first, consider some basic elements. - Your children's ageChildren grow up quickly, so choose versatile, convertible or at least easy-to-replace furniture, so that it will meet the demands of their changing lifestyle. For example, multifunctional boxes will be useful at first to store serviettes and nappys and then toys. Colors are important, too: choose neutral shades for the walls and furniture and juice up the room with a vivid door or accessories such as bed linen and shelves. Alternatively, choose the shades of red, orange or green for the walls: they are bright and unusual, not gendered colors. And for the floor, avoid the carpet and go for parquet or linoleum. 

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- Think about securityThe bedroom is your children’s kingdom and they will spend most of their at-home time in there. So make sure the environment is playtime-proof, since every age has its risks. Cover power sockets and corners, if your kid is less thank three years old buy a solid crib that meets the strictest safety standards, avoid furniture that is too heavy and secure to the wall large pieces on which kids may climb.

- Create separate areasBedrooms are multifunctional: it’s where kids sleep, play and study. Create separate areas for each of these activities: for example, a study corner with a desk, far from the bed to avoid sistractions. A carpet in the middle of the room will be a perfect play area where your child can enjoy him/herself without restrictions. If the room is tiny, divide it into two, with separate living and sleeping area, using a loft bed with a pull-out desk underneath.


Invest on quality and on furnishing able to remain relevant as your kid grows older. Since tastes may vary, choose simple and neutral lines:  this way if you’ll have to replace one piece you won’t have to disrupt the overall design. 

- BedIt is the focal point of the whole room. A cradle must be warm, comfortable and protect the newborn. If your child is older than three, you may opt for a traditional single bed, which usually measures 80-90 cm wide by 190-200 length. Underneath you can place an additional pull-out bed for guests or the laundry basket. If you need additional drawers, you can choose a bed with storage, while if two children share the same room, opt for a  traditional bunk bed.

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- DeskNecessary for studying, writing, reading or spending time on the computer, desks will follow your children as they grow. They come in different designs and styles and can be both fixed or on wheels. Place it so as to make the most of natural light.

- Wardrobe and drawersChoose the right dimensions: there should be enough storage for toys and clothes to reduce mess but not so much that the room feels cramped.  

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Once decided how to arrange the room, you can personalize it and think about details. Your kids passions will guide you through and make the room a unique and special place.

- Rugs They are the best way to divide space and create different zones in the room, isolating a soft play area. They also add texture and color to the environment. 

- LightingIn a multifunctional environment, lighting needs to be versatile. Lamps have to be safe – Wall and ceiling fittings are best for younger children. As main light choose a ceiling light or if you prefer an overhead pendant light make sure it isn’t too long. The light should be warm and the bulb strong enough to illuminate the play area. For the bed light the ideal solution is a lamp with a clamp or an adjustable wall lamp. A task or clamp lamp is important for older children doing homework at their desk.

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- Wall stickersThey are the easiest and cheapest way to personalize the room and create original environments. Landscapes, fictional characters or animals: the themes are varied. And when your child is tired, you can remove them and replace them easily. 

- Extra storageBaskets or boxes with lids that double as stools are perfect for collecting clothes and toys, which tend to multiply over time. Some shelves on which to place stuffed animals and books can add a touch of color to the room. 

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