It is the heart of the house, the room where we cook and often eat, spending time with family and friends, after a long day of work. The modern kitchen is inspired by conviviality and joins a captivating design with the necessities of functionality and ergonomicity. 


When you think about how to organize your kitchen, try to optimize spaces so you’ll have enough room to move. And, first things first, consider some basic elements.

1 Start from your living habitsLet your lifestyle guide you and give you clues about how to create a successful space which really accommodates to your needs. For example, if you like having guests around but have a small kitchen and you chose an open space, opt for an extendable and folding table – it won’t make the room feel cramped but will allow you to have as many friends as you want for dinner.

2 Consider the room's sizeTo be comfortable and welcoming, the kitchen doesn’t have to be big but well-strctured. If the room is tiny, choose space-saving solutions, such as a worktop that is also great for snack breaks and pull-out spice cabinets. Avoid dark colors and choose all shades of white instead, making it more dynamic by adding vivid-colored accessories or elements. If you don’t have enough room for a separate kitchen and living, opt for an open space instead of having two very small environments – you can aways add low partitions or a glass sliding door to separate the two areas. 

Cucina e living


1 Think about your styleThe furnishings and accessories you use will bring your style to life. 

For a minimal look, choose a small amount of necessary pieces with clean, sharp-cornered lines, and plain cold tones for walls and floors, like cream or taupe.

If you love country style, choose light and natural looking colours, like white, and mix them with wood furniture and a granite worktop. Copper kettles and spoons together with lacquered metal tins and wicker baskets are a true must-have: keep them in full sight, they are both useful and decorative.

Open Lissoni Boffi

If you are into vintage style and want to recreate the 50’s and 60’s atmosphere, choose soft and curvy lines, replace all the metallic elements with chromed versions and combine white with pastel shades like yellow, turquoise, green or eccentric shades like orange.

If you have a green soul, choose ecologic, natural and not chemically treated materials and non-toxic paint. The perfect couple would be certified wood and water-based varnish.

Industrial style is all about raw, textural beauty and affordability: exposed steel surfaces, a truly ‘vintage’ look on furniture finishes and a rigorous design are its main characteristics.

Frame Snaidero

2 The countertopChoose the best one according to your life habits and needs. Quartz is one of the hardest surfaces on earth, while laminate is as durable but more affordable and comes in a huge array of colors and patterns.

3 The sinkIn addition to the most popular stainless steel model there are monobloc sinks directly integrated in the worktop, without any visible joint. Other resistant and elegant materials are solid stone, marble and quartz, which can guarantee quality and sophistication.

Valcucine Artematica

4 The tableWhether it is small or big, it is the ideal solution in open space kitchens. Its design and materials can match with the kitchen or be create contrasts to enhance the living room furniture. If you don’t have enough room, choose the island: certain types incorporate cooktop, oven and sink.

5 The floor

Choose durable materials that are suitable for wet areas, such as abrasion resistant porcelain stoneware tiles, which are available in a variety of colors and finishes. Water repellant resins are a good solution, too, since they contrast the formation of mold and bacteria. If you like wood flooring, choose a moisture resistant wood, such as teak, oak or iroko. Valcucine Artematica


1 AccessoriesThey are necessary in a well-equipped environment: from the cutting board to the peeler, from the brush to hooks and hangers, they will simplify your life and add a touch of color and design.

Mogg e KnIndustrie

2 LightingThe kitchen is a multifunctional space where you cook and eat meals and, if you have enough room, work and entertain guests. That’s why lighting must be designed with care. What’s more, the right lighting can do miracles: it could change the visual impression of space, making a small room look wider if projected on a light wall. For the main light you can choose among a pendant lamp or ceiling spotlights along the perimeter. You can combine it with under-cabinet neon or LED lights. And don’t forget to put lights inside pantries and cabinets, drawers and baskets sliding. Above the strategic points, such as the table, the island or the top, it is also useful to have an adjustable light – in this case you can choose a row of small low chandeliers or a swing arm lamp.

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