The design of hallways requires even more effort than that of other rooms normally considered more important, such as the living or the kitchen. This walk-through environment gives a first impression of our home and sets the tone for interiors of all other rooms, so it needs to be as stylish but at the same time functional. Here are a few tips to reach both goals!


Before adding your own unique touches, take some time to consider the essential basic elements to make sure your hallway is both beautiful and comfortable.

1 Colour paletteChoose the colour of the walls according to the size of the entryway. In a small hallway it is best to use neutral tones, such as white or off-white on walls and brown on floors, to enhance the feeling of light and space. You may then add touches of colour with artwork, accessories or decorative ornaments. If the hallway is big enough, on the contrary, you can choose bolder and richer paint colours on the walls, such as ochre yellow or orange, matching them with natural wood. If you feel like daring, opt for vivid and polished pieces of furniture - the hallway is a transitional space, you’ll walk through it many times a day but rarely linger, so it is the perfect space to experiment.

2 Natural light;Maximise natural light, especially if your entryway is narrow. A simple strategy that will also furnish your space and allow you to check your appearance one last time before leaving the house, is placing a design mirror in the hallway. Either hang it or position it against the wall – this versatile accessory will reflect light around, opening up the room.

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Carefully choose one or two pieces of furniture thinking about how you will arrange them.

1 ConsoleThe style of the hall table is key to the overall effect. Measure your space carefully and consider your everyday habits to decide whether you need drawers or if a simple table works better for the few items you always need at hand.

2 Bench or ArmchairUA comfortable chair or a soft bench makes it easier for guests to take off or put on their shoes and can also double as additional storage for your shopping bags. Make sure the seating is proportional to the size of your entryway.

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Your accessories and accent lighting will add character to your entryway.

1 LightingAccent lighting is a great way to create a sense of atmosphere as you enter the home. If your hallway tends to be dark and have shadows throughout the day, look for ambient overhead lighting - use a few smaller fixtures or install recessed lighting instead.

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2 Wall artYour entryway will reflect your personality if furnished and decorated as it should. Create patterns of hanging with a variety of frames or give a glamorous touch choosing a uniform display.

3 The coat hangerBe it classic and essential or contemporary and hypercoloured, in its floor or wall variety, you need to have one in your entryway. Especially if it includes some functional accessories, like a blackboard for your shopping list.

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