More than an icon of design, the Radiofonografo  is a real cult object, a tribute to Italian manufacturing and design, a narrative object that returns a disruptive image of the deepest sense of Made in Italy. An element of very strong character that stands out in the environment in which it is inserted, a stereo that contains radios and turntables, for a listening experience that takes us back in time, but perhaps it would be better to say that it projects us into a dimension that does not fear the passage of time. In addition, the RCA inputs transform it into an amplifier to listen to external sound sources.

Radiofonografo by Brionvega

"Objects must keep company" said Achille Castiglioni who together with his brother Pier Giacomo designed the Radiofonografo for Brionvega  in 1965, and his idea is expressed to the fullest in this product, with its anthropomorphic and familiar appearance reminiscent of a face and possibility to interact with it: the knobs and keys that control the audio look like eyes with lots of eyebrows, nose and mouth, the side speakers look like two ears.

Radiofonografo by Brionvega

The Radiofonografo had to offer stereophonic audio, ensured by the two detached speakers that can be configured in various combinations, because they can be moved to different positions. They can be detached and placed elsewhere to better spread the sound, they can be placed on the top for a minimum lateral encumbrance, or hooked to the sides to listen to the vinyls. Mobility is also given by the wheels placed at the base of the central aluminum pedestal.

Radiofonografo by Brionvega details

Radiofonografo by Brionvega detail

The Radiofonografo is handcrafted by the expert hands of Brionvega who assembles the wooden panels, and the other technical elements that compose it, one at a time, to form a unique ensemble of craftsmanship, industry, technology and creativity.

Radiofonografo by Achille e Pier Giacomo Castiglioni for Brionvega

It is the experience of listening to music in a way that involves all the senses, thanks to the interaction with the stereo. A modality that we have put aside in recent years, chasing a listening experience that dematerializes the source, making it hybrid or even invisible. After all, the Brionvega company exploded in the 1960s, when music was a bridge with the world and radio was the story. The sound source, therefore, come back thanks to the ingenious signature of the Castiglioni brothers who have been able to create with great foresight and almost irreverent courage, a cult and collector's item. Not surprisingly, the Radiofonografo is in the top ten of the New York Moma design shop.

Even the color choice is a declaration of intent to differentiate itself from all the other listening devices: white, red or blue, to integrate with different types of environment, but always making itself noticed.

rr226 Radiofonografo by Brionvega

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