What are the characteristics of our ideal bathroom? Surely we want it to be functional and that we can move smoothly within it. The bathroom must also be comfortable, to allow ourselves moments of relaxation and beauty, and of course the bathroom must be stylish. This is why it is important to choose a quality bathroom furniture, which is able to summarize these three characteristics - functionality, comfort and beauty. To achieve this, we need points of reference, here are some from which we can be inspired.

1. Fine materials for the washbasin

If you want something different from the classic white ceramic, aim, without delay, on the materials, choosing the most valuable and interesting. In addition to the latest generation synthetic materials, which offer significant performance in terms of maintenance and customization, we also take into consideration the marble, which is experiencing a moment of great splendor and is rightfully a strong trend. In the cover picture the Alfeo washbasin designed by Elisa Ossino for Salvatori , dug into a single block of stone.

Bilico by Antonio Lupi

2. Shower chromotherapy

The shower is no longer considered a mere moment of personal hygiene: relaxing and regenerating it is a daily wellness ritual. That's why we suggest choosing emotional showerheads combined with chromotherapy, a mix of lights that stimulates our nervous system. In the image the Bilico shower box by  Antoniolupi .

Cuna by Agape

3. Spa for the bath

If we have enough space, we can have the tub. With whirlpool for those who want to recreate a small home spa, or without, for those who prefer to rely on the simple but intense benefits of water. In the image the Cuna tub by Patricia Urquiola for Agape .

Amarcord by Capod'opera

4. Storage accessories

Organization and order are two aspects not to be overlooked in our bathroom: the disorder inexorably affects our well-being, creates stress and nervousness. If we have many accessories and products for body care to be placed, we can choose a washbasin with container elements, reminding us, to often eliminate the superfluous. In the picture the Amarcord washbasin cabinet by Alessio Bassano for Capod'opera.

 Round Box by Ceramiche Cielo

5. Mirrors as paintings

How to choose, finally, the mirror? Depending on the design - there are some on the market as decorative as paintings - and depending on the functions: lighting and possible storage. In the picture, the Ceramiche Cielo Round Box mirror / cabinet.

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