When it comes to choosing the most suitable material for worktops, backing surfaces, floors and covers, it has to be beautiful, functional and durable. The interior design industry is constantly evolving in the search for innovative materials with surprising visual effects and unsurpassed performance, able to satisfy any need and taste.

An environment like the kitchen, for example, requires a particularly careful choice. Not just beauty, but specific properties such as durability and scratch, stain and heat resistance are required. The most used materials in this space are laminate, wood, marble and steel. Lately, however, a variety of new, versatile and dynamic products, mostly made up of resin mixtures and powdery agglomerates, are getting more and more poplar, as well as other materials derived from the union of natural raw materials, through patented processes or by exploiting nanotechnologies.

With its softness yet durability, Fenix NTM™ has revolutionized the world of interior design thanks to nanoparticles, which are combined with acrylic resins through the Electron Beam Curing technique, which make it comfortable to touch and resistant to shocks, heat and fingerprints. Produced by industrial harp, Fenix NTM™ is perfect for tables, kitchen worktops, bathrooms, as well as door and drawers.

Corian® is an incredibly flexible resin that can be easily molded and customized. Made from DuPont ™, this material can be transformed continuously, guaranteeing great design freedom. Safe and durable in time, Corian® is used both for interior and exterior finishes, but also for the creation of furnishings such as lamps and worktops. The smooth, compact surface hides possible junctions, giving it an elegant and sophisticated look.

K14 Isola Corian Boffi

Born for outdoor use, Alucompact® is a particularly rugged, non-flexible aluminum foil plywood, particularly suitable for making kitchen tops and workplates for analytical laboratories for its antibacterial character. Structural stability and strong technical personality, Alucompact® can be protected with anti-scratch and anti-scratch treatments.

Ideal for outdoor and industrial design, Laminam® is made of 3 mm thick ceramic slabs, obtained by combining quarry clay, granite rocks and ceramic pigments. Resistant to heat and versatility, this product looks like a stone but does not stain. It is used both in external environments and in interior design.

Sink Modulnova laminam

Among the most appreciated materials are quartz, marble-like, but very solid and durable. There are several types of quartz, OKITE® is a marble powder and resin agglomerate, much stronger than granite, waterproof and easy to clean.

kitchen top okite

Natural stones express irresistible charm but are very delicate due to their porosity and poor stain resistance. Precious and material, marble is a crystalline limestone rock that does not absorb liquids, but is affected by contact with food acids and scratches easily; for this reason it needs more care. Granite, on the other hand, is more resistant and does not absorb liquids, it does not scratch or stain. Both are used in the supporting surfaces, floors, claddings and various supports.

Isola Blade Modulnova Granito Sky Blue

We end our exhibition of interior design materials by talking about stainless steel, a classic unbeatable. Stainless steel is extremely hygienic and makes it easy to integrate sinks and hobs. The disadvantage is that it scratches easily and requires great maintenance. It is suitable for modern and essential environments and the professional kitchens of restaurants.

Varenna kitchen Inox

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