What makes an outdoor environment really welcoming and well structured? The furnishings are not enough. In fact, if we think about our living room, and about what makes it really special, we immediately think of a series of accessories, without which it would certainly be bare and probably without personality. This little thougth is enough to shed light and answer the question we asked ourselves and therefore: if we want an outdoor space that is alive and to be lived, well set up and cared for, we cannot ignore expanding our gaze towards those complements and accessories that far from being merely decorative, are precious invitations to experiment with new ways of being outdoors, to linger, to share. It is therefore time to enrich the garden and the terrace with details, taking care not to exceed and not go over the top. How? Identifying a common thread between the elements, holding them together following an intense but discreet color palette, decorative but in a measured way. Here are some inspirations from the companies and the designers.

Color rugs: Oaxaca  from  Nanimarquina

Oaxaca by Nanimarquina

Not only neutral: for the carpet (or rugs) let’s choose unexpected but measured color combinations. Like those of the Oaxaca outdoor carpet by Nanimarquina which gives us a moment of amazement in the discovery of how a design traditionally relegated to the interior, can also work outside. This mix of indoor aesthetics and outdoor technical features is just what we need to make the outdoor space welcoming, to make us feel protected and safe even outside the home.

The discreet hammock: Wellbeing  by Ilse Crawford  for  Nanimarquina

Wellbeing by Nanimarquina

The Wellbeing hammock designed by Ilse Crawford, also for Nanimarquina, hide itself in the background. Like the whole Wellbeing line, it is characterized by materiality, craftsmanship and quality, to create an experience of absolute relaxation, without forgetting the taste and harmony of the elements.

Ivory, peach and terracotta: Patricia Urquiola 's Garden Layers for  Gan

Talking about intense but discreet color combinations, an interesting example is the ivory, peach and terracotta palette put together by Patricia Urquiola for the line of cushions, mats and indian beds for Gan. The three colors coexist in harmony in the tartan motif chosen for these accessories which contribute to making the outdoor furniture comfortable and unique (on the cover).

Bold + neutrals: Cassina  outdoor baskets and trays

Outdoor elements by Cassina

The combination of neutral and bold tones also returns to the collection designed by Cassina to complete the outdoor furniture. These are baskets, placemats and trays in hand-stitched and woven polypropylene: a contemporary material, handcrafted for a rustic yet elegant result.

Concrete and flowers: the Space Copenaghen   Planter  for  &Tradition

Planter by &Tradition

A striking contrast can also be created by combining the right vase with plants. Planter by & Tradition is concrete-colored, perfect for highlighting the intense green of a plant, and even more the colors of the flowers. Made by hand and available in three sizes to be put together.

White light: the Follow me  lamp by Inma Bermúdez for  Marset

Follow me by Marset

To soften the colors we have chosen in our outdoor area, we can use a touch of white devoted to light. Follow me is the small and compact portable, rechargeable lamp that can be placed anywhere: on the floor, on a small table, among the branches of a tree. And it appears as a bright and discreet spot.

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