Mediterranean, Malta, Valletta, three baroque buildings and noble architecture, the Rosselli AX Privilege, the first 5-star luxury boutique hotel, is located in the heart of the city. In a landscape where time seems to have stopped, the Rosselli hotel is a mix of styles, in which modern and contemporary design elements with Scandinavian accents are found.

entrance hotel boutique Rosselli AX Privilege Malta

Floor with an optical texture that creates suggestive scenographies and a great staircase brought back to its original splendor. Casa Rosselli was built in the early decades of the '600 and today is restored maintaining the elegance that its original architects have tried to give it without sacrificing comfort. This is the starting point and the main source of inspiration in the interior design of the hotel.

stairs hotel boutique Rosselli AX Privilege Malta

Mohd took part in this extraordinary project working closely with the Forward Architects Studio, proposing his point of view and helping the team in the interior decoration to create a concept able to offer a unique experience. Its careful research and capability to mix design styles, colors, and furnishings is known to contemporary ones. More than fifty brands are involved in furnishing and decorating the 25 rooms, the lobby, and the lounge area.

Just 48 hours after its official opening, Rosselli has been ranked as one of the top 7 Hotels under 50 rooms and one of the top 4 Best Suites in Europe in the International Hotel and Property Awards. Furthermore Rosselli received a special mention from Forbes and an exclusive commendation for interior spaces during the Premjum Emanuele Luigi Galizia for Architecture and Civil Engineering.

The entrance of the Rosselli with its contemporary black frame that declines an outline on the building’s facade will lead you inside the hotel where the reception staff will wait for check-in. Bright colors, precious lights by  Baxter and hints of brass on the walls, all embellished with accessories such as the  Bosa ceramic reproductions by the Masters of Design, the Most Illustrious Sculpture Collection .

reception hotel boutique Rosselli AX Privilege Malta

By the way, continuing, your attention will be captured by the lounge area overlooking the impressive Rosselli fountain, here you can spend moments of relaxation and conviviality on the  Loafer seats or  Mayor sofa by &Tradition . All around the perimeter like a bench that frames the walls the  Targa sofa by Gebrüder Thonet Vienna . On the walls a floral pattern in total black & white and from the ceiling a play of threads that perfectly intersect the  String lamps helped by a more punctual light than the  IC floor lamps, all by Flos .

Rosselli fountain hotel boutique Rosselli AX Privilege Malta

Staying at the Rosselli will be an unforgettable experience. You can choose one of the six types of rooms, all with a unique design, masterfully furnished with details that create a welcoming and at the same time luxurious atmosphere. The rooms' names are inspired by members of Rosselli - Massa’s family or by the symbols closely related to the family.

Maruzzo is the Comfort room’s name and the heir of family wealth. In this, they mix ancient and modern, inspired by new trends that combine classic and unconventional furnishings: including  Gubi   Multi-Lite  floor lamps and Palette tables by Jaime Hayon  for &Tradition. All in a frame made of textures with rich wefts that boldly create a play of chiaroscuro.

Maruzzo room hotel boutique Rosselli AX Privilege Malta

Mezza Croce, are the Deluxe rooms. They are inspired by the prestigious title that was given to Pietro Rosselli for his artistic verve and attention to detail. Sophisticated and contemporary furnishings that blend with the walls and that reflect the floor finishes creating a luxurious nonconformist space.

Mezza Croce room hotel boutique Rosselli AX Privilege Malta

Alusietta is Superior rooms’ name and Pietro Rosselli's wife name. On the walls, suggestive floral patterns representing the few private gardens in the fortified town of Valletta.  Park 1 bed by  Poliform is the protagonist, with expansive proportions of the headboard that contrast with the great lightness of the thin aluminum frame. Discreetly sticking out of the bed, there are the wall-mounted Kelvin Edge  lamps as a light point.

Alusietta room hotel boutique Rosselli AX Privilege Malta

Don Pietro is the Executive room, dedicated to the landlord, they will immediately take you to another dimension, made of comfort and luxury. The rooms are all equipped with a spa, beds by the majestic headboard of the  Shiko Magnum bed by Miniforms Angui floor mirror by AYTM Sail the slender TV stand system by Desalto . All in shades of black and white setting.

Don Pietro room hotel boutique Rosselli AX Privilege Malta

Don Pietro room hotel boutique Rosselli AX Privilege Malta

Finally, Mohd helped to create the interiors of the Junior suites, Three Herons, in other words, those that appear on the Rosselli coat of arms. Eclectic, scenographic, exclusive. Rooms made of double-height ceilings and contrasts through design chairs that fill the space thanks to the generous sizes and the personality of the design and service elements such as the  Solum coffee table by AYTM with essential and minimal lines.

Three Herons room hotel boutique Rosselli AX Privilege Malta

Sixteen 34, the year was 1634 when the Rosselli eloped. This is a special suite, the owners love to define it a chameleon place that adapts to your needs, where you can combine business with pleasure. A suite so luxuriously unique, chic and intriguing. A refined space inspired by classicism with its solid wood parquet and contemporary with the  Catch JH2 by &Tradition. They welcome you like an embrace. Regarding the selection of lighting, it has a discreet and linear appeal.

Sixteen 34 suite hotel boutique Rosselli AX Privilege Malta

Innovation and elegance, an ambitious project in which Mohd was able to participate with its experience in the design industry and its ability to listen to the requests and desires of the customer, helping to mark the new history of this magnificent building in the heart of Malta. 

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