The company Seletti  is well known for his dedication to research and creativity, interacting with artists and designers, ranging from marketing to communication, to satisfy basic principles such as functionality, accessibility and wonder.

Nothing is as it seems in reality Seletti yet it is so easy to find yourself in his parallel world, comfortably in your own home!

With the collection of decorated ceramic Palace  by Alessandro Zambelli, bring to the table the best of the Italian Renaissance. PAlazzo Ducale, Palazzo del Governo, Palazzo della Signoria, Palazzo Borghese, Torrione, Torre scura, Torre chiara, Palazzina, Palazzetto, Battistero and Fontana are single volumes that you then break down into plates, bowls, cups, and complete tableware set, washable dishwasher safe and extremely elegant in architectural detail.

Hybrid  traveling instead between the East and the West, daring the clash between the two cultures in the decoration of plates, cups and bowls with a dual personality. The collection designed by the duo designers CtrlZak creates unique products in bone china, which are characteristic for the graphics clear separation into two parts of each article, each named after the historic and evocative.

The metropolitan city is the protagonist of the collection of the TWD by team Selab , corporate creative workshop designed in 1988. The World Dinnerware are cups, plates and placemats depicting maps of as many as 9 major cities such as London, Tokyo, Rome and Shanghai in green or black version. Travelling with the imagination has never been easier, the New York of the famous blockbuster for Nolan, is reproduced in the collection that bears the same name as the movie: Inception. A Manhattan organizer or drainer colored silicone, presented during New York Design Week 2014 at the Wanted Design, in an installation time to introduce the new product of designer Luca Nichetto .

Everything is ready for the trip, even the furniture of the bulkier collection Export by  Marcantonio Raimondi Malerba. A closet, a dresser, a nightstand and a chest of drawers made of wood and due to packing cases, with lots of stickers and postmarks. The exclusive additional detail? The legs Baroque elements, not to take herself too seriously. The design Seletti is served: provocative and poetic, to travel with the imagination.