The restrictions that this time imposes on us have led us to rediscover our domestic dynamics, to explore spaces that we thought were strictly functional or passing through, to enhance every corner of our home to vote it for precious moments of personal and family serenity. This rediscovery of our private architecture was epiphanic for outdoor spaces: from the small balcony to the large garden, each of us wanted to optimize the space available and make it more pleasant and functional. Which means: take some functions normally carried out indoors to spend a good part of the day outside. And here this new "away from home" translates into places for workink, cooking, eating meals, resting, keeping fit, growing plants and vegetables. Masters of our time, we also regain possession of a space that we had perhaps lost, certainly neglected. In our path, furniture is a source of support and inspiration, let's see together how.

Ray rug by Paola Lenti

Start the day by taking care of yourself

Ray by Paola Lenti

Reactivating muscles and circulation is the best way to start the day: a yoga session, or our favorite workout, perhaps supported by an application, will give us energy and also satisfaction. We will need a carpet on which to perform the exercises and maybe even a good background music to give us the right rhythm. In the images below, the Ray  carpet by Paola Lenti , an element of refined decor, essential and resistant to atmospheric agents, because it is made of Rope yarn. Following the image of Elipson 's Lenny  wireless speaker, suitable for outdoor environments, recalls in the shape, the fencer's helmet.

Lenny by Elipson

Working, playing, eating with the right table

You and Me by RS Barcelona

On the beautiful days that spring has in store for us, we can literally transfer our studio to the outdoors. Thanks to a good wifi connection, our computer and a table that can replace the desk. The same table will be used for the consumption of our family meals, the study of children and why not, for moments of leisure. For example, RS Barcelona 's You and Me  standard is perfect: a dining table that becomes a regular ping pong table and in the black and white version with HPL top it is also suitable for outdoor use. The net, the rackets and the balls can be stored in the discreet side drawer.

Swinging relax

Voyager by Gloster

It is the quintessence of relaxation and cannot be missed in our oasis en plain air: we are talking about the hammock , a refuge in which to rest, read a book, reflect. There is no need to have powerful trees to hang it on, it can be self-supporting, like that of Unopiù  (on the cover), with a wooden structure and rope seat: a classic of outdoor life. To be combined with an enveloping deckchair, such as Gloster 's Voyager .

Barbecue at sunset

Barbecue by Eva Solo

The day is drawing to an end, but we can still take a few moments of bien vivre: if the temperature permits, we will stage a luxury barbecue, taking care of every detail. Starting, right from the barbecue : the Eva Solo  grill (gas or charcoal), with a contemporary and functional design, has the great advantage of being transformed into a coffee table when not in use. To create the right atmosphere at sunset, let's surround ourselves with the light of lanterns, like the sculptural ones of the Dedon 's The Others  line: hand-woven, with anthropomorphic shapes, they are like domestic totems that give value to the space and the moment.

The Others by Dedon

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