What is a bookcase today, that we read little and, above all, from electronic devices? Is it still one of the first furnishings to think about when designing the interior of a home? Well, yes, because we still need this piece of furniture in our homes and in our studios, to accommodate our collector's books, and other objects and why not, electronic devices with an attractive design. We need it because they "furnish", above all if our choice falls on certain examples of '900 design, such as those that we will see shortly. Finally, we need it because they are versatile and adapt to the living area, as well as to the sleeping area, not to mention the study area. The bookcase is the furnishing of the height: it stands out on all the other furnitures, enhancing the space in all its fullness, making it lived and welcoming and at the same time organized and well marked. And we notice its absence, when we find ourselves in environments that are naively deprived of it. But how do you choose the right bookcase for our space? The first aspect to consider is the size, in relation to the position in which it will be placed. The second aspect is the function: do we need to integrate container elements? Or maybe a small folding desk? Or do we want it to be all day, with the classic parallel shelves? We must then consider the material and the finishes and the possible color. And these are just the first variables from which to evaluate our choice. Today, we explore two iconic bookcases that represent a valid option and a sure inspiration:  Infinito  by  Franco Albini  and  Nuvola Rossa by  Vico Magistretti  , both in production by  Cassina .

Infinito by Franco Albini

835 Infinito by Cassina

835 Infinito bookcase by Franco Albini for Poggi and then Cassina

Designed in 1956 by Franco Albini, the bookcase was initially produced by the Poggi company, which had a close working relationship with Albini. Poggi was one of the first companies to be represented in the C&B store in Via Durini in Milan, owned by Cassina and Busnelli, today Cassina showroom. And it is Cassina, today, who produces the Infinito bookcase, as well as other furnishings originally designed by Albini for Poggi. The bookcase is modular and is supported by floor and ceiling uprights and does not need to be anchored to the wall. In addition to the classic shelves, it has hinged and flap doors. Available in natural ash, stained black and Canaletto walnut, it can be assembled infinitely. It is part of the permanent collection of the Milan Triennale.

 114 Nuvola Rossa by Vico Magistretti

114 Nuvola Rossa by Cassina

114 Nuvola Rossa bookcase by Vico Magistretti for Cassina

The Nuvola Rossa bookcase was designed by Vico Magistretti for Cassina in 1977 and yet does not appear to be in the least dated. After all, Magistretti himself liked to repeat that good design is made to last. The inspiration for Magistretti is an open staircase and if you look closely, it seems that the shelves rest on the steps. The structure is collapsible and this is perhaps the most distinctive feature of the project, along with the absence of sides. The shape, which resembles a compass, is another highly recognizable element of this bookcase that lends itself very well to acting as a divider between two environments, thanks to its lightness and harmony of shapes. It is offered in natural beech or white, black or red lacquered. Also available in Canaletto walnut essence.

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