Stone as a starting point, as wealth and as heritage to be respected and enhanced: Salvatori  presents, also for 2020, a series of projects that focus on the beauty of the material, which takes on different and always interesting faces thanks to the wise and respectful intervention of the designer. The stylistic diversity of the creatives involved, the ever-high wisdom of the master craftsmen who transform the idea into an artifact are the winning combination, made in Italy in its deepest sense and recognized all over the world. Knowing how to decline an ancient tradition such as that of marble processing, with advanced design techniques is the skill that makes the difference here. The independent collections are, however, in dialogue with each other, a dialogue of quality and elegance that embraces every room in the house. Stone is an instrument and decoration that captures attention and rewards it with its history, its beauty and its uniqueness. Salvatori would also have presented the new collections on the occasion of the Milan design week that did not take place due to the emergency from COVID-19, here are all the news.

Soul of the Yabu Pushelberg studio

Glenn Pushelberg and George Yabu are at the first collaboration with Salvatori who entrusted them with the creation of Anima (on the cover), a new line for the bathroom. The approach used by the two designers is the application of "the sensitivity of clay to marble" and therefore a tactile comparison with the material, to mold it into sweet and enveloping forms. The collection, available in the four variants of Bianco di Carrara, Crema d'Orcia, Pietra d'Avola and Gris du Marais, uses these precious materials wisely and elegantly. The bathtub is a real sculpture, in dialogue with the countertop sink and accessories, including the mirror, measured and discreet and the containers, essential to complete and finish the ensemble.

Curl and Design for soul by  Piero Lissoni

Curl by Salvatori

We remain in the bathroom, or rather in the wellness area, where we find a non-obvious and very exclusive interpretation of the chaise longue, not surprisingly signed by Piero Lissoni. Obtained from the processing of a single block of marble, worked by subtraction with a very high precision intervention, Curl is a wave of smooth marble on which to relax. Lissoni also signs the Design for Soul series of tables, a particularly meaningful project: in support of the Food for Soul project by chef Massimo Bottura, created to combat food waste and promote social inclusion. The tables, donated to the project, are made with waste stone, a reclaimed marble slab supported by simple modular supports designed to support floors of different sizes. Here too, waste is fought, thus exploiting waste material without making new excavations.

Design for soul by Salvatori

Mono by  Elisa Ossino

Mono by Salvatori

Mono is a series of monoflower vases designed by Elisa Ossino, with the essential and elegant style that distinguishes it. Marble blocks carved in rounded and harmonious shapes, perfect to be combined with each other. Ossino also signs Intarsi, a line of panels, purely decorative elements in which marble is the frame and subject of art. Bianco Carrara and dark Pietra d'Avola lend themselves to interesting optical and decorative geometric compositions.

Intarsi by Salvatori

Archimera by Federico Babina

Archimera by Salvatori

And the house is the protagonist of Federico Babina's Archimera sculptures: in its archetypal form with a sloping roof but the body that takes on unexpected shapes. The house of children's drawings revisited and transformed into an exclusive marble "game", an evocative and decorative element.

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