For watch enthusiasts, analogic is a religion but the undisputed practicality of digital cannot leave anyone indifferent. This is why, today that the analogic / digital debate has become a matter of profound belonging, Solari Lineadesign  clocks represent the solution par excellence. Because that dichotomy is transformed and the two approaches integrate perfectly into the flip clock of which the company is a historic manufacturer.

To understand and appreciate its history, just think that the Fratelli Solari company was born in 1725 in a small town in the Friuli region as "Ancient and award-winning tower clock factory." In the following centuries, Solari clocks went from decorating towers to palaces and bell towers to mark the time in our homes, in the sign of innovation but also of a deep link with the past. The flip clocks, in fact, show the time in digital format but work thanks to an analogic mechanism. The paddle roller clock, was patented between 1955 and 1957 by Remigio Solari, who decided to apply it to the large displayboards of the stations and airports. But to make the paddle clocks a global success, technology is not enough, design is needed: Fermo, brother of Remigio who hires the Friulian architect Gino Valle who will bring the palette display to the JFK airport in New York and with the Cifra 5 will be awarded the Compasso d'Oro in 1956. Design and production take place entirely in Italy: this is how Solari brings the prestige of Made in Italy to homes and public areas all over the world.

Cifra 3 : The table essential

Patented in 1966 by Gino Valle, Cifra 3 is the smallest direct reading clock with Solari's flip roller system. Handcrafted, the flaps are assembled by craftsmen following a specific sequence. The design is essential and functional, it evokes the style of the years in which it was designed but is not affected by its age, on the contrary. Available in the more sober black and white, but also in the most lively and characterizing green and red, Cifra 3 is part of the permanent collection of the Moma in New York and the Science Museum in London.

Horizontal Dator 60 : date and perpetual calendar

Elegant and discreet, the horizontal Dator 60 is the perfect table clock. More complete than Cifra 3, it also presents the perpetual calendar, always with a vane roller system, which indicates the day of the week, the date and automatically on February 29 in leap years. In the horizontal version, all indications appear on the same line giving life to a unique aesthetic of its kind.

Dator 60 vertical : perfect for the wall

The Dator 60 is also available in the vertical version, which presents, starting from the top: date, day of the week and time. A wall clock with a great personality, but discreet, in the two available colors black and white. The letters and numbers are silk-screen printed in white on black and thanks to the clarity and size of the font they can be easily read even from a certain distance and even in low light conditions. More than just a watch, the Solari Lineadesign are a trace of all the innovative and aesthetic significance of Made in Italy condensed into a device that simultaneously tells a long story but is still trendy.

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