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Five core values shape the identity of Midsummer, italian brand specialized in high-end bedroom furniture and decor: a timeless, contemporary design; sustainable materials; the value of Made in Italy; sapient crafting expertise and an eco-friendly approach. The company presents a colorful, dynamic catalogue of plaids, bedspreads, lamps and pillows, a combination of successful collections and new trends to enrich sophisticated night ambiences.

Preciously crafted fabric and natural, top quality materials define each dreamy product by Midsummer.

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"A Midsummer bedroom is both timeless and contemporary, because it blends handmade perfection with Italian design."
Midsummer strives to achieve harmony in the bedroom, which no longer stands for a set of independent items, but turns into a synergic complex of colors and materials. The brand deeply cares about the environment and has adopted a sustainable attitude, using recyclable materials and reducing waste with long-lasting products. Bedrooms become lounges, they evolve into ambiences to relax and entertain with one’s eyes wide open.