Rechargeable and handy: these are the two peculiarities for the latest generation of table lights. Versatile lights, designed not to be relegated exclusively to fixed positions and tied to the source of electricity. Today the lights are rechargeable and this lets them be free, allowing to take them with us: at the center of an elegant table, outside, next to the reading corner. Light therefore becomes a living object that accompanies our actions making them richer in style and atmosphere.  Louis Poulsen has grasped this change and has transformed it into a precious pretext for delivering one of its most iconic editions to the future:  Verner Panton 's  Panthella , now also available in a table version of smaller dimensions and rechargeable via USB. The designer himself declared: "I try to show new ways to encourage people to use the imagination and make the environment around them more stimulating" and in lighting, the possibility of changing position at the light source is certainly a great stimulus to rethink the environment and continually reconfigure it.

Panthella Table Lamp by Louis Poulsen

The shape is that of a mushroom with a tapered stem: in the lines it reflects very well the aesthetics of the 70s which in turn recalls the rounded shapes of the 20s. To deeply appreciate its culture, it is right, moreover, to remember that Verner Panton was one of the greatest exponents of Danish design, just think that he carried out the first years of practice as a designer in the Arne Jacobsen studio. The primacy of function derives from the Danish school, but enriches it with its unconventional creativity, experimenting bold and innovative forms for its time. His resourcefulness has been rewarded, because practically every project has become an icon of design and the Panthella lamp is confirmation of this.

Panthella by Louis Poulsen

To be easily moved, Panthella portable has been made lighter and is therefore smaller than the original, with a diameter of 16mm and 23cm tall. But it remains faithful, in design and intent to the primitive idea: a harmonious and non-glaring source of light where the light is directed downwards and reflected in the base with the characteristic funnel shape. The opaline shade diffuses it upwards in a delicate and light way.

Precisely its small size, and its characteristic but discreet shape, suggests the combination of multiple elements, arranged in various points of the same environment, as if to draw an ideal visual map full of style.

Panthella Table Lamp Portable by Louis Poulsen

Panthella is a lamp rich in resources. It reflects the spirit of the time in which it was conceived, it is a narrative lamp because it refers to the atmospheres of its era. Yet it can adapt to different contexts: it can be combined with period furnishings as well as contemporary elements and today, thanks to the portable version, it gives new and unique cues of style to outdoor environments too. Even the kids room can and become exclusive, as this image tells us, which also suggests another important detail: the usefulness of a cordless lamp, in an environment intended for children.

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