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With a radical commitment to sustainability, Spalli is extremely appreciated in the furniture design industry with its high-quality products. The collections are always updated with new arrivals and feature refined tables, chairs, armchairs, cupboards and accessories. The company emphasizes solid wood processing, using cutting-edge machinery to create impeccable sustainable products that are special in their originality and complexity.

Durability, longevity and continuity are the pillars of Spalli furniture collections.

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Spalli believes in relentless sustainability. The North Star that always reminds the brand of the right path.
Born in Italy, grown around the world. In Spalli's veins flows Italian blood, precisely from Brianza. A unique land, renowned for the furniture business, for the generations of craftsmen and their skills. In order to achieve the goal of sustainability, the company has established numerous partnershipswith famous design studios around the world, artisans from Italy, Japan and Nordic countries and sustainability organizations.
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