Two new campaigns tell two visual and emotional routes through the world of Poltrona Frau: PF Journey and Il bel dormire. The first is dedicated to the living area, the other to the night zone.

PF journey is an emotive trip through breath-taking views and suggestive settings, where nature meets design to create unique atmospheres. With this new catalogue, Poltrona Frau has created incredible spaces in which its furniture talks with the landscape, catching the eye and the soul of the viewer.

Every place is a step of an interior and aesthetic journey that provokes different emotions, discovering correspondences between the external space and the personal one of those who observe.

An elegant and discreet touch characterizes the Poltrona Frau’s collection; each piece stands out as in a peaceful villa on the sea as in a modern city attic. Furthermore, the poetic words of great writers introduce us in a stimulating itinerary, in which every glimpse is a precious corner of design and feeling.

The positive vibes of the ambience on the Como Lake.

PF Journey Almo sofa Letizia armchair Poltrona Frau

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The relaxing atmosphere of Villa Tugendhat in the Czech Republic.

Pk Journey Grantorino sofa villa Tugendhat Poltrona Frau

The dynamic attic of the Pirelli Skyscraper.

Pk Journey Massimosistema sofa Pirelli Skyscraper Poltrona Frau

The sunny landscape of Portugal joins the sophistication of Poltrona Frau’s settings.

PF Journey Novecento sofa Comporta Poltrona Frau

The wonderful Villa at Cap Martin, in the Blue Coast.

PF Journey Cap Martin Poltrona Frau

Instead, Il bel dormire is a collection dedicated to rest, considered a source of well-being. Elegant and comfortable beds, mattresses, cushions, toppers are realized choosing high quality materials and using advanced technologies.

Flair bed Poltrona Frau Il Bel dormire

Mamy Blue bed Poltrona Frau Il bel dormire


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