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Bruno Munari

Bruno Munari (1907-1998) was one of the greatest exponents of design, art and graphics of 1900. He was a multifaceted, complete and independent figure, he dedicated his life to experimentation, in particular in relation to the world of children and their toys. Among his works there are books, sculptures, paintings, pieces of furniture and objects characterized by an industrial design. A relevant example is the 1964 collection of Falkland lamps, now distributed by the brand Artemide.

Each work by Bruno Munari is a symbol of an original, eclectic personality: a character who has marked the history of art and design.

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“Art shall not be separated from life: things that are good to look at, and bad to be used, should not exist” (Bruno Munari, 1966)
The designer was born in Milan, and during his youth he joined the futurist movement of the ‘30s, from which he will later separate with a sense of humour and softness. Dates back to this period the “Macchina Area”, the first piece of furniture in the history of art; and the “Macchine Inutili”, one of his most emblematic realizations, symbol of dynamism, kinetics, spatiality, programming and randomness. In every work by Munari his great ability of maintaining the content dimension and the shape and material blended together is central.
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